CUSA Talk 4

Access credit union accounts 24 hours a day with our audio response system. Cusa Talk allows members to check balances, transfer funds, find out if a check has cleared and much more from any touch tone phone. Best of all, QuickChek is free.

Getting Started

*Get your pin number from a credit union employee and call QuickChek at (512) 454-7316 (Austin) or 1-800-833-2038.

*The system will answer: Thank you for calling QuickChek. Please enter your account number followed by the pound sign.
Example: 1234567#

*The system will then ask for your PIN number followed by the pound sign.
Example 4321#

Transaction Codes

The system will then ask for the desired transaction followed by the pound sign. The transaction codes are:

52# (Loan Balances)
53# (Latest Deposits)
57# (Loan Payment)
59# (Latest Withdrawls)
72# (Balances)
73# (Checks Cleared)
78# (Transfer Funds)
79# (Make Withdrawls)
84# (Tax Information)
99# (End) Please end all calls
676# (Additional Information)
678# (Transfer to a linked account)


Account Suffix

The system will then ask for your account suffix. THCU has assigned a suffix to each of your credit union accounts and loans. Each suffix is matched with a number that corresponds to the account type to be accessed. They are:

*Suffix A is 21 (Savings)
*Suffix B is 22 (Money Market)
*Suffix D is 31 (Loan)
*Suffix 0 is 10 (Checking)
*Suffix C is 23 (Christmas Club - transfer into only)
*Suffix E is 32 (Loan)

Still need help? Call us at 454-4636 or 1-800-545-1771 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Address: 4800 Grover Avenue, Austin, TX 78756 | Phone: (512) 454-4636 or (800) 545-1771 | Lobby/Phone Hours: (M-F) 9am - 4pm | Drive-Thru Hours: (M-F) 7:30am - 5:30pm, (Sat) 9am - Noon