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Savings/CD Loans

A Great Way to Let Your Money Work for You

Members can take advantage of lower interest rates with personal loans secured by a THCU savings account or CD. A share secured or CD secured loan allows you to keep your money and use it as a security guarantee for your personal loan.  Since they are secured by your account balance, there is less risk to the credit union and we are able to offer these loans at lower rates than rates for conventional lending products.

You can keep your savings account or CD, receive the money you need for your purchase and then repay the loan at a much lower rate than other loans because you're essentially borrowing the money from yourself. 

How Secured Loans Work

  • Loan funds are secured by a THCU savings account or a CD.
  • Your secured funds continue to earn regular dividends.
  • Loan rates are .50% over the secured dividend rate at the time of application.
  • Secured funds are made available as the loan is paid down.

Because the funds are secured, our turnaround process on secured loans is usually very quick.  Call your loan officer today and let your money work for you.