MasterCard debit/ATM cards

MasterCard Debit/ATM Cards

A THCU MasterMoney debit card is the "do everything" card combining ATM access with the versatility of a credit card. Use your new card to make purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted. The salesperson will swipe the card and print your receipt. Simply sign it and you are on your way, no more fumbling with checkbooks or IDs. Unlike a credit card, you don't pay finance charges because your purchase is deducted automatically from your checking account. Your MasterMoney debit card is an ATM card and gives you 24 hours access to cash at Pulse and Cirrus ATM machines around the world.

Record keeping is simple. Deduct your debit card receipts from your checking account register. Each transaction is detailed on your monthly checking account statement.


Accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard logo

Safer than carrying cash

Simple record keeping ... all transactions are listed on your monthly statement

Works like an ATM card

Purchases are deducted directly from your checking account