MasterCard/MasterCard Gold

MasterCard/MasterCard Gold

THCU MasterCard and MasterCard Gold provide our members 24 hour financial freedom with no annual fees. Our regular MasterCard rate is 13.90% APR while our MasterCard Gold offers higher credit lines and a rate of 9.90% APR.


Mobile Wallet Compatible

Apple pay, Google pay, & Android pay

Apple Pay
Google Pay
Android Pay

Points Program

Accrue points for every purchase made on  your THCU credit card. Redeemable at

More Secure

Featuring SecurLOCK Equip – A mobile app that allows cardholders to control how, where, and when their payment cards are used via their mobile device. Turn your card on or off with the touch of a button. Set location based controls. Block international transactions or set spending limits.

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