MasterCard debit/ATM cards


Our Pulse ATM cards and machines allow 24 hour access to credit union accounts at locations worldwide. Members can make withdrawals, transfer funds and check balances at any time. We have three ATM machines in Austin in addition to all Austin Alliance of Credit Unions and Select ATM machines. There is no service charge at these machines for THCU members. Our machines are located at:

4800 Grover Avenue (THCU Drive-Thru)
1100 W. 49th St. (Department of State Health Services)

Austin Alliance of Credit Unions / Select ATM

Use your THCU Debit or ATM card at any Austin Alliance of Credit Unions ATM or Select ATM throughout Texas and the US and avoid expensive transaction fees. Find a no-service charge machine close to you by using the "Free ATMs" search, or the locators below.

Free ATMs Search: